Dogs Bad Habits

Dog Bad Habits

Dogs bad habits and how they start.

A dog’s bad habits do not happen over night. They develop very slowly and creep up on you and, if they are not spotted in the early stages by the owner, they can grow at an alarming rate. If the dog gets away with something on more than one occasion, no matter how small, they will try the same thing over and over pushing the boundaries ever further. This is the way their minds work.

People who have trouble with their dog not obeying commands have from time to time great difficulty keeping their patience which is very understandable.

Now, what tends to happen (and, of course, this does not happen in all cases), the owner and the dog get lazy and the result is that the dog recognises that there is no form of structure or leadership coming from his Lord and master. So, it is fair to say that a dog decides that he can do as he pleases when he pleases and, believe me that is a recipe for trouble.

If the dog gets into a particular set of bad habits, they will not want to give up what was a comfy way of life that easily, especially as things were going fine as far as they were concerned. Sometimes, that is where the sparks fly when the old bad habits are being replaced with new good ones.

In the dog world, things operate very differently than they do in our world. We tend to talk to our dogs as we do to other humans, for example, our children. There is nothing wrong with this so long as you always respect who and what your dog is (animal first), and also respect their needs and requirements ,which are very different from ours.

To get the best out of your dog, you also have to be disciplined, not fanatically so, but consistent. Dogs are creatures of habit, and these will either be good habits or bad habits, it really depends on you.

What dogs love most of all is leadership, structure, and repetition on a daily basis. They love being taken for a walk at the same time every day to the same places and smells. To provide structure for your dog is not an easy task for us humans, and if you don’t know where to start, I can teach you all that you need to know about structure and leadership in the dog world.

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