Harmony In The Home

Dog Harmony In the Home

Most of my calls are to the home…

If you have a dog problem that is disrupting the normal way your home is run, then the odds of your achieving harmony with all concerned are very slim indeed. I deal with families that are at war over whose fault it is that the dog does things that are unacceptable in or out of your home.

Comments which are very common…. “He’s your dog, you deal with him” …. to, “I love him, but I never wanted him in the first place.” Does this sound familiar to you?

There are all kinds of things that your dog can get up to; barking a lot, aggression toward other dogs or even people, chewing the furniture, soiling your carpet, the list is endless, and the reasons are too many to mention here. The good news is, whatever problem you have, I can fix it.

I will translate the message that your dog is trying to get across to you and is not succeeding, and believe me, he/she is trying to tell you something! Something in their world is out of balance for them when they try to tell the owner why they bark so much, why they soil in the home and not outside, et cetera.

I’ve been working with dogs for 30 years, and I can translate and simplify everything for you. I take away all of the stress that you have been putting up with for so long. Now, you don’t have to anymore.

The way I solve all the problems that arise with your dog is very simple. I first come to your home to assess your dog’s behaviour in its own environment. I then teach you all the techniques that you need to be able to spot a problem before it starts at any given time. I’ll give you the tools to empower you to deal with any problem that may arise after I’m gone.

The service I provide in your home is, by and large, a one-on-one with you and your dog. The reason I prefer to see the dog in its home is because that is where most all of the problems arise… If not corrected and sorted out in the home, then the problems are taken to the park or on the walk. I never assume that your dog is the same as the last dog I worked with, they are all different, just as you and I are.

I design a program to suit the needs of the individual family I am dealing with and then we set about fixing them.