1 on 1 Dog Training

1 on 1 Dog Training

To cope with the most common every day problems.

I like to provide the best method of quality training for my clients and their dogs that there is, and I have found over the years that my preferred method is 1-on-1 training.

I have done loads of classes with anything up to six dogs in a class and I have always found them to be mayhem. The owners are chatting and the dogs are not interested, as they just want to sniff the guy next to them, no structure.

This results in the client not being happy and the dog not being trained. All you need is one disruptive dog and the session is spoilt, as I will have to spend most of my time on the disruptive one and not the rest.

Now, normally these dogs are the ones that are puppies or very young rookies with a very low concentration level. They are the ones that are most in need of structure and training on a 1-to1 basis. I have found that the value I was giving my clients trying to train five to six dogs at a time is not good value at all.

That is why I am a great believer in a 1-on-1 session with my clients and their lovely dogs, value for money.