Dog Safety

Dog Safety

How to make your dog safe in your car without compromising your insurance.

In this day and age where safety seems to be the watchword in all of our lives, it is vitally important that your pet is safe in your car when you are driving. We have all seen it, the dog patrolling the back window of the car in front. Now this, in my world, is both irresponsible and hugely dangerous to the driver, the dog and everyone around them.

I am open to correction on this, but if you have an accident with your dog untended in your car, there is a distinct possibility that your insurance policy is void. You will need to check with your individual insurance broker in this regard.

Insurance companies are frequently only waiting for you to give them a reason to find fault and not to have to pay out. Don’t give them a reason, make both yourself and your pooch safe at all times. I can show you the way to achieve this with very little cost.

Irrespective of there being an insurance problem, think about the physical damage that the dog on the back window or back seat will suffer, as well as any other people in your car in an accident. If you slam on your brakes and the dog becomes a living projectile inside of your car, the possibility of serious injury is very real. What an awful thought.

All of this need never happen if you have instruction from me on how to drive safely with your dog. I will show you how to keep your dog secure and obedient while you, the driver, maintain total control of your car throughout your journey. I want to see you all arrive safe and well.

There are other various strategies for keeping your four-legged friend safe, and I would be happy to discuss them with you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Noel Murphy. I can make your life with your dog a little simpler and easier.