Dog Socialisation Skills

Dog Socialisation

Teaching dog owners very valuable socialisation skills.

If you take your dog for a walk to the park and you are unsure or tense about introducing your dog to another, then your pooch will pick up on the signals right away, and this may lead to conflict between owners and dogs, not a pretty sight.

Not to fear, I can help you through this minefield if it is a problem between you and your dog. I will teach you how to see a problem before it is about to happen, and how to deal with it before it becomes a conflict. I can’t stress how important it is for your dog to be allowed to mingle with others of its own kind and in the correct and controlled manner.

The importance of your children being involved in the socialising of their pet cannot be overlooked. They grow with the dog and form bonds that they may not be able to forge with others at that stage of their lives. A loving and well-balanced pet can be invaluable to youngsters who find it difficult to relate to others. A dog will afford them an outlet so that they can talk about their troubles without it being a two-way conversation.

I have particular experience and skills with working dogs and kids that have difficulty at that stage of their lives relating to the likes of siblings or friends. A dog will afford them the time and space to find their own boundaries and limitations. Working dogs are a gift from God and should never be overlooked. They are wonderful.

It is my job to help both your family and your pet to achieve the max in developing a relationship together for a long period of time.

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