Adoption Assistance

Dog Adoption Service

Adoption is very dear to my heart. All my dogs are rescue dogs, and I have three that are a mixture of allsorts.

There are many adoption options available, and I would strongly recommend a dog from the West Cork Shelter in Ownahincha, Co.Cork. Jennifer and the team that run the place deserve a medal for the super work they do. Almost all the dogs that come from the shelter in West Cork are neutered and vaccinated before you get them, saving you quite a bit in vet fees.

I have been of the opinion for many’s the year that some people would not get a rescue dog for fear that they would be getting a dope. This could not be further from the truth! Some of the brightest dogs I have ever worked with have been commonly known as mutts from the shelter. For an ordinary family pet, there is no difference to me whether the dog is a purebred from a breeder or from the rescue shelter. The exception to this, of course, is if you wish to breed your dog… in that case, it is best to have a pure breed.

There is also a misconception that if you get a pure breed dog that you won’t have to deal with as many behaviour problems in the future, not true. A dog’s behaviour is not dictated by how well-bred it is. All dogs will be in need of structure and discipline at some time in their lives if you are to achieve a balanced relationship between man and dog.

I provide a service whereby I go with you to the shelter to help you to get the dog that best suits your circumstances and needs. Throughout this adventure your home and your lifestyle has to be taken into account when choosing your new family member. It is very important that you don’t end up with a dog that is too big for the house that you live in, or one that requires more attention and exercise than you can provide. If you have children, they are also very important in the choosing process.


It is so, so important that you do not buy a dog with your eyes! When you use your eyes and not good common sense, you end up thinking, “WOW, he’s so cute!” This could cause you to ignore other traits that may cause your family problems later on down the line. This is one of the most common mistakes, and one which could and should have been addressed before purchasing.

When you employ my services, I will help you to make the right decision for the well-being of your family, and I will help you to introduce the new dog to your home in the right fashion. This step is so very important, and is vital for the relationship to go forward on a positive note. If you choose not to get a pet from the shelter, I also provide the same service working with breeders for whatever kind of dog you wish to buy, providing you with invaluable, objective, independent guidance. Starting your search on the right foot makes a lot of sense.

Just contact Noel Murphy and ask for some advice.