Destructive Behaviour

Destructive Dog Behaviour

Destructive behaviour comes in many shapes and forms, from your dog being very aggressive, to your dog chewing all your worldly possessions and not caring one little bit, while at the same time remaining cute and cuddly which means that little or no consequence is ever brought to bear for any of the destruction that has happened.

I come across many strange things that our dogs get up to each and every day, nearly all of my clients believe that their particular problem is the biggest issue in the whole dog world, it’s not so, believe me you’re not alone in this type of problem, just when it’s happening to you, perspective has a tendency to get twisted out of shape, my job is to restore a balance to your home by putting a structure in place that both the dog and your good self can understand.

When your dog has an issue with something you cherish we have a conflict that neither of you have the wear with all of how to fix it, we have difficulty trying to understand why something we love so much could be so destructive towards things we value, dogs have no such value system and find it strange why you are ranting about the silly Ming vase which it has just broken, we feel devalued and a failure because all our efforts have fallen on stoney ground.

Of course none of that is true, we all have gifts and talents and on this occasion this playground happens to be mine, and it’s my job to restore to you (not the Ming vase) but order and a harmonious place that ye can both reside. Simple really.

Oh by the way, ” I don’t bite “